Many of the posts on this blog are based on the practices in the eBook

Becoming a Source of Good: seven simple success practices to transform your business and the world

Each practice contains intangible, non-traditional aspects and when applied to the traditional seven components of business (Core Ideology, Customers, Products & Services, Strategy, Marketing, Finance, & Community), they assist in the natural evolution of an enterprise to it’s ultimate best outcome.

The practices found in the eBook are

Healing ~Empowers leaders and communities to evolve the consciousness of business in which they operate.

Holistic ~Applies a balanced approach of linear action and creative support to assist in the design and implementation of strategy, goals, and measures.

Inspirational ~Awakens & supports deep inner wisdom and perspective.

Practical ~Shares seven practices that can be used to create a new business, evolve an existing business, and/or apply to specific projects.


17 Responses to “Seven Components & Practices”

  1. November 2, 2010 at 1:46 am

    Wonderful concept!! Love the new paradigm.

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Source of Good eBook

7 simple success practices to transform your business and the world

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