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Can Spirituality, Twitter & a War to Make Money Go Together?

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Both the current issue of EnlightenNext (Sep-Nov) and Fast Company (Dec-Jan) contain articles about Twitter. EnlightenNext’s focus is on the spiritual implications of Twitter, while Fast Company’s cover story is about Ashton Kutcher’s (aka @aplusk –with the largest Twitter following on the planet) social media marketing model. Mr. Kutcher is authentic about his intention to make money for himself and his clients. As co-CEO, of Katalyst Media, he is quoted as saying “When someone says they are not worried about monetization, that scares the (bleep) out of me ….it’s really a war to make money.”

What I loved about the Kutcher interview was his balanced thinking regarding the social consciousness arm of social media combined with the difference money can make. Kutcher’s war includes using his traction on Twitter to create social movements –and dollars for his clients. With a goal to drive people to Malaria No More’s web site to donate $10, for example, the beginning was a simple, twitterable message “Every 30 seconds, a kid dies of malaria. Nets save lives”. Combined with an affordable call to action: $10 buys a net –the end result of the campaign was 90,000 nets.

The spiritual aspect of Twitter as focused on in the EnlightenNext article is not separate from the difference it can make for business. The point that the growth of Twitter accelerates the spread of global consciousness by allowing us to be in touch with our sense of “oneness” with one another, is a feel good prospect that absolutely can be monetized. The audiences that can be reached and the niches that can be explored on Twitter are endless. Add feel-good messages, plus feel-good prospects, plus feel-good products & services ….you end up with monetization that makes a difference ….PLUS it can feel really really good.

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Shaman Media Revolution

“The lamps are different, but the light is the same.” ~Rumi

A great blog post by Rick DiBiaso (formally the Affluent Artist) on the book Socialnomics, by Eric Qualman inspired me to consider social media as a strong thread that is weaving Business & Spirituality together.


Did you know that the Social Media Revolution is the largest revolution since the Industrial Revolution?  The democratization of media led by blogs, Facebook, and Twitter has leveled and expanded the marketplace playing field.  Big advertising budgets no longer rule the world.  Real people, connected across the globe as never before, control the conversation in real time.

From a Shaman’s point of view, being real (authentic, unveiled) and connected are fundamental spiritual practices. Shamans show us that what we experience as our separate self is illusionary – they teach us to give birth to a truer sense of who we are and to recognize our connection to all things.  The current media revolution is all about experiencing connectivity and demonstrating authenticity.

Referring back to Rick DiBiasio‘s post, the main message I got is that if you are trying to build a business, any business – forget Email blasts, forget web sites, forget banner ads – you don’t need an ad campaign.  You not only can, but must, use social media to find your customers and give them what they want  ——- AFTER they get to know you through social media — THEN pay really close attention to how you treat them.

Being real and authentically connected matters – social media forces us to practice being in the NOW and to profoundly pay attention.  Being cognizant of the power of social media to make or break you in real time should be an ongoing practice – a dissatisfied customer can negatively saturate your market fast —–on the flip-side well-networked “fans” can exponentially increase sales. The more we understand our connection to all things (our authentic selves, to each other, to nature) and how our actions immediately generate impact, the truer and brighter we will shine in the marketplace.

Here is an entertaining video on the Social Media Revolution~ the facts may astound you:

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