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Deliver Transformative Products & Services

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When you deliver a product or service, you are participating in a shared reality that exists between you and your customers. There is an intimate agreement about the shared reality.  There is trust and communication about the mutual benefits of your interchange.  This is communion; a sharing of spirit.

Within the space of communion, there is a natural evolution that is set in motion. It is a given that this evolution is a growth process for both you and your customers. Consider approaching the development and delivery of your products and services with a conscious commitment to evoke evolution and transformation.

Any evolution is a process; a growth pattern. You set the evolution in motion by fulfilling a specific need or desire for your customer. From that point forward, you are in a unique position to evoke evolution. When you evoke, you go beyond simply participating in the reality between you and your customer, to deeply influencing (impressing) upon the reality.

In order to evoke vs. participate, add an element to each and every one of your products & services that meets not only the immediate desire of your customer, but a “higher desire” as well.  Always reflect back to your customer a vision of their highest self.  For example, if you are selling “A” laptops, delivering it with the clear message that your customer has everything to do with why this laptop is so fantastic, meets a higher-desire recognition that “A” laptop users are smart and savvy. When your “A” laptop customer configures their laptop, invite them to join an on-line community of smart and savvy “A” laptop users. These higher desire attributes impress upon the growth pattern of evolution –deepening the relationship with your customer, as well as evoking qualities of co-creation, self-esteem and community.

Think of your products & services as an invitation to an intimate interchange with your customer vs. an exchange –this is the access to communion. An interchange is spirit-to-spirit vs. an ego-to-ego exchange.  If you choose to hold and maintain the interchange of communion with sacred gloves, you impress upon the evolution implicit in communion. Impressing with loving consciousness is the opportunity to influence the highest evolution for business, the planet, and humanity.

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Encouraging Shoulds


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Take a moment and think about two people you are infatuated with –people you adore and who you also consider to be champions of your highest desires. These are people who wish you well AND don’t let you off the hook when you are being a ninny. These are NOT the people you call when you know what you want to hear. You may enjoy the people who tell you exactly what you want to hear, but you are not infatuated with them –I promise you. You may not even know your champions personally, but when you think about them, or read something about them, “truth” resonates.

My current champions are my Yoga Teacher, Guruatma Khalsa, and Yogi Bhajan. Guruatma, received direct instruction in the Science of Kundalini Yoga from Yogi Bhajan, the modern proponent of this ancient technology.  This yoga gives me what I want by allowing me to feel like I am improving myself physically. The teachings behind the practice frequently shock me with brutal honesty. I can count on Guruatma to deliver the science in a way that supports what I want, while at the same time keeping me on track with what I “should” be doing. This makes her pricelessly infatuating.

Now, consider your two favorite customers (past, current, or future).  Is there something you are offering or could offer that inspires infatuation? You might consider helping customers with their “should’s”?  Several months ago, Made to Stick authors Dan & Chip Heath wrote an interesting article on the subject for Fast Company. Reading it might give you the inspiration for a product or service that links wants (a fix) and shoulds (fulfillment) for your customers: Sell Handcuffs – Why Customers Will Pay You to Restrain Them.

Several years ago I worked with an HR Director that I adored.  I supported her in what she wanted –getting on Forbes Best-Companies-to-Work-for-List (2 years in a row). Her “want” was in the recognition –her company was absolutely a fabulous place to work. The “should” came from me –the company should have some metrics to demonstrate the bottom-line effectiveness of being a great place to work. At the time, an HR Director implementing metrics was not the norm, but we both knew it was a worthwhile endeavor and an edge. It was my job to support not only her need, but the metric design “should” prior to submitting the Best Company Application.

Might the future of business lie in encouraging “shoulds,” things customers know are good for them, rather than indulging “wants,” things craved in the moment? It’s a compelling idea.

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Infatuate Your Customers

Everyone has some experience of infatuation and the changes it brings. It takes you beyond the mundane, rising you above ordinary concerns –everything appears new as old boundaries are released. Two worlds become apparent; both immanent and transcendent. The immanent world is the ordinary world, apparent to our senses –material, changing, subject to time. The transcendent world is beyond material –eternal and timeless. Infatuation can be the gateway to transcendent reality and our access to extraordinary awareness.

Learning how to be in love all of the time with ourselves and our customers (including alliances) allows for the quality of awareness accessible thru infatuation. This deep awareness allows you to pierce the mask of appearance and separateness, view from the heart, and unconditionally give to your customers.

An unconditional way of business is the opposite of a conditional or depending way. Conditional business is a usual way to do business –I give you this, you give me that –because you need me, you depend on me, and I need you, so I depend on you. Unconditionally buying yourself first reminds you that the truth is you need nothing else but yourself. If you need nothing other than yourself, this is true of your customers as well. This means that nothing other than profound mutual benefit is worth offering. It takes a great deal of discipline, foresight, and trust to unconditionally serve customers, but it does come together –just ask Google.

Relating to your customers unconditionally –always looking for the extraordinary in the the ordinary –allows you to access your own extraordinariness, deliver profoundly, and fulfill deeply. Operating from a place of customized infatuation with every transaction of your business opens channels for the next right action.

Look deep, see within. As you look you will be able to see what your customers are searching for …then deliver the miracle …creating mutual infatuation and ultimately evolving your love-power as well as theirs.

Reference: Deepak Chopra, Kama Sutra: Including the Seven Spiritual Laws of Love. London: Virgin Books Ltd., 2006.

Read more about how to infatuate your customers in the eBook Becoming a Source of Good

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It Happens All the Time in Heaven ~ Hafiz

It happens all the time in heaven,
And some day
It will begin to happen
Again on earth —
That men and women who are married,
And men and men who are
And women and women
Who give each other
Often will get down on their knees
And while so tenderly
Holding their lover’s hand,
With tears in their eyes,
Will sincerely speak, saying
“My dear,
How can I be more loving to you,
How can I be more kind?”

Why Hafiz?

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Shaman Media Revolution

“The lamps are different, but the light is the same.” ~Rumi

A great blog post by Rick DiBiaso (formally the Affluent Artist) on the book Socialnomics, by Eric Qualman inspired me to consider social media as a strong thread that is weaving Business & Spirituality together.


Did you know that the Social Media Revolution is the largest revolution since the Industrial Revolution?  The democratization of media led by blogs, Facebook, and Twitter has leveled and expanded the marketplace playing field.  Big advertising budgets no longer rule the world.  Real people, connected across the globe as never before, control the conversation in real time.

From a Shaman’s point of view, being real (authentic, unveiled) and connected are fundamental spiritual practices. Shamans show us that what we experience as our separate self is illusionary – they teach us to give birth to a truer sense of who we are and to recognize our connection to all things.  The current media revolution is all about experiencing connectivity and demonstrating authenticity.

Referring back to Rick DiBiasio‘s post, the main message I got is that if you are trying to build a business, any business – forget Email blasts, forget web sites, forget banner ads – you don’t need an ad campaign.  You not only can, but must, use social media to find your customers and give them what they want  ——- AFTER they get to know you through social media — THEN pay really close attention to how you treat them.

Being real and authentically connected matters – social media forces us to practice being in the NOW and to profoundly pay attention.  Being cognizant of the power of social media to make or break you in real time should be an ongoing practice – a dissatisfied customer can negatively saturate your market fast —–on the flip-side well-networked “fans” can exponentially increase sales. The more we understand our connection to all things (our authentic selves, to each other, to nature) and how our actions immediately generate impact, the truer and brighter we will shine in the marketplace.

Here is an entertaining video on the Social Media Revolution~ the facts may astound you:

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