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Shamanism: Its all about Connection

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I met the blogger of Soul Lab, Jennifer Hill Robenault, at the Writer’s Conference in Austin a few weeks ago…I told her about my book, Shaman’s Guide to Business (now Love’s Guide to Business) and her response was “What is up with all the Shamans?” She proceeded to tell me that in two days she was going to go to her first session with a Shaman. When I talked to her later that week she told me it was “life changing.”   Now Jennifer and I are working together….my husband and I are meeting the Shamanic Practitoner, Gerry Starns, next week!  Its all about connection………..

I come from “beginners mind” when it comes to Shamanism and view it as a powerful context from which to talk about connectiveness. Following is an excerpt from the Q & A session with Gerry I particularly resonated with:

SL: You essentially help people reconnect to the spiritual in everyday life. How do people’s lives change as a result of your work?

GS: I believe that if we can infuse our everyday life and experience with spirit, we will naturally become more whole and more connected with that huge context that we call Nature. If we can stop compartmentalizing family from work, from spiritual practice, from parenting, from play, and so on, we will become stronger and feel more fulfilled moment by moment.   To read the entire Soul Lab Interview…….

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