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Give it all you got! Breath of Fire


Raising the voltage of your effectiveness is just one of the many benefits of a breathing technique called

Breath of Fire

It is done by pumping the navel point in and out while breathing rapidly through the nose. It is always practiced through the nostrils with the mouth closed. The navel point is pulled in only at the exhalation More details about how to do Breath of Fire

The practice is frequently combined with postures in Kundalini Yoga and is said to extend life as well as help maintain focus.

More Benefits of Breath of Fire

Releases toxins and deposits from the lungs, mucous linings, blood vessel and other cells.

Expands lung capacity and increases vital strength.

Stimulates the solar plexus to release natural energy throughout the body.

Produces a global alpha rhythm in the brain.

Raises the voltage of your nervous system.

Quickly oxygenates your blood, thus helping the body detoxify itself and remove waste more effectively.

Generates heat and increases your level of energy by activating the energy flows in your body.

Even more benefits of Breath of Fire

Sourced from : Aquarian Teacher

If you have lost a little of your spark … get back up as the whole fire! Fan the Flame


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