all your passionate, joyful dancing

Blazing passion is real power. It is the ying (feminine) and the yang (masculine) coming together. Passion can create anything you want and inspire you to accomplish the impossible.

Passion will move mountains and bring success.

images-46Passion is the energy blend of containment (ying) and force (yang) that results in a fire-building cosmic dance of creation.

Passion is the on-going implementation of your business (the container for your desire) from a space of still mind, penetrated with the force of conscious action.

Un-stilled mind will always think in terms of purpose, profit, and utility. Mind acting without pause will be aggressive and full of activity. When mind is stilled thru meditation, activity will disappear and action will appear –and there is a great difference between the two. Activity has utility; conscious action becomes pure joy, pure beauty. You act not because something has to be achieved; you act because action is a joy, a dance. You act because you are so full of energy.

And all your joyful dancing cannot but result in a blazing fire of fulfilling abundance.


Breath of Fire

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2 Responses to “all your passionate, joyful dancing”

  1. August 11, 2015 at 10:08 am

    This is beautiful wisdom. I appreciate your explanation of the difference between activity and action and I am in the process of looking carefully at how this manifests in my life. Without realizing it, I got very caught up in activity for the purpose of stroking my ego. I felt something was out of kilter but did not have a handle on it.

    Somehow I knew I needed to stop, let everything go, and give up all my attachments to what I projected would happen as a result of my activity. And I did. I had no words for what I was knowing in my spirit until I read this post. I am now sitting in nothingness and waiting in peace.

    Thank you for helping me understand what is happening in my soul evolution process. I appreciate you for sharing truth and love. ❤

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