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Blogging is a perfect venue for me both as a writer and a business strategy consultant. I am always exploring and learning in order to serve my clients –blogging helps to clarify and express my perspective. I started my blog eight months ago, when my coach, told me in her lovely, but stern, European Accent “just get out there (in the Social Media world) and do something!” (Does a business consultant need a business coach? Does a dentist go to the dentist?)

Now facebooked, twittered, blogged, and linked-in, I am ready to review and develop an actual Social Media Strategy (SMS). Not to mention, of course, that my clients are not far behind and need a framework themselves for how SMS fits within their overall business plan strategy and implementation. Social Media has been around in one form or another for a relative while of course, but now it is to the point where it is just impossible for business owners to ignore. The truth is SMS models are developing as we speak / blog. I don’t see that anybody will have “the” answers or the perfect model for quite some time, but ignoring Social Media is not a strategy. Welcome to the world of learning while doing –this also includes the world of “I don’t know the answer to that right now.” Get comfortable with it.

I could go off on a tangent here about how perfect that is for balancing ego -humility is a great equalizer! -but, I promised a post about the components of a decent SMS and some best practices. There are so many avenues (portals) of Social Media that unless you target and measure the mix that gives you 1) a decent R.O.I. 2) a projection of your particular business vision into the world and 3) fun –you could get really, really frustrated.

I don’t know that a Social Media Strategy is all about marketing, but it is probably at least 75% of it, so I asked Shelley Roth, owner of Springboard Works here in Houston, to share what she views as the key components of a practical approach to a brilliant Social Media Marketing Strategy:

~Assess your target audience and your goals as they fit within your overall business strategy.

~Articulate your message to boost brand equity and strengthen your reputation as an expert and industry leader.

~Understand the time commitment to create your campaign and maintain it.

~Choose the right tools for your needs and customize them.

~Update content regularly.

~Ask for advice and opinions, and share them in return. Nurture relationships.

~Create education-rich content that adds to the conversation.

~Establish measurements to track the effectiveness of your efforts and to maximize your Social Media Marketing ROI.

These are great and fit well with The Social Media Bible’s suggestion of thinking of your Social Media Strategy (SMS) as a platform supported by four pillars 1) Communication 2) Collaboration 3) Education and 4) Entertainment. These four pillars can be considered your Social Media Best Practices and it is good to have all four in order to stabilize your platform.

Add love to the mix and you can’t go wrong. Love is the Bottom-Line Success Practices

See schedule of Springboard Works public workshops on Social Media Marketing (if you sign up for a workshop use code RUBY for a $10 discount) or contact Shelley sroth@springboardworks.com

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5 Responses to “Get Your Social Media Strategy Groove On”

  1. February 11, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    This is great! I really enjoyed reading your article and hearing your take on social media marketing. Times have changed and SMM is the new key to success. How great is decreasing your marketing budget and increasing your ROI…and on top of that, gaining a closer relationship with your customer base aka everyone that makes your company thrive..

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