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Old school, hard-core balance is about finding an optimal-point between two opposite forces; balancing the scale. Remember the term “work/life balance”? First of all it is, of course, bizarre that work and life would be considered opposing forces. Second, it is fundamentally unbalanced to consider work as one side of a scale, while the other side is LIFE where everything that is not work fits – exercise and family and friends and romance and spirituality and all the other ands. Logically, you would have to take stuff off the life side of the scale to have it “balance.” That sucks and is simply frustrating. We are becoming more and more aware that what we are really “working” towards is a seamless life with absolutely no seemingly opposing forces.

My husband sent me this excerpt from Sacred Hoop Magazine that describes Q’ero Inca Shaman principles of, what I would call, seamlessness…I like it because it initiates with the importance of action. Also, the term “balance” is used in relation to inner and outer work only…  “The way of action is called llank’ay in Quechua (pronounced ‘yan-kay’). The literal translation means ‘to work.’ The spirit of llank’ay, however, goes beyond physical labour and includes mental and creative work, as well as performing ceremonies and healing. Ceremonial life imbues work with meaning and, to the Q’ero, balancing outer activity with inner work is the key to survival.  Ceremonial work is not isolated from physical work. The planted field is holy ground just like the mountains. Love and beauty, munay, make daily life pleasing and soften the hard edges of difficulty; but without initiating right action, llank’ay, nothing gets done and things stagnate.  Action for its own sake can lead to conflict, however. The best outcome of actions proceeds from knowledge, yachay. Munay becomes impersonal love that embraces all things.  Yachay becomes the superior consciousness one arrives at through the proper cultivation of love and work, and llank’ay becomes right livelihood.  A way of living that is ecologically sound, promotes the welfare of others, and encourages service performed in the spirit of lovingkindness, is central to the higher form of llank’ay.”

This is a truly seamless life.

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3 Responses to “Seemingly Balanced – Work & Life”

  1. August 6, 2009 at 12:31 am

    There certainly are two ways of being in the world. One gives power to all the temporal things in mundane reality – ‘out there’ – that life is filled with frustrations, fears, and a sense of overwhelming defeat. Another gives power to all the things ‘within’ – that life is filled with certainty and peace from which lovingkindness and true wealth flows.

    Most business is carried on in the world in ways that ‘give to get.’ That is, with a view toward long-term gain with wealth gathered from the external world. A conscious business operation knows that wealth flows from withing and that all wealth is created by loving creative action. The first cannot help but operate in ways that harm society and the Earth. The second cannot help but operate in ways that help society and the Earth.

    • 2 Brenda Renshaw
      August 6, 2009 at 9:55 pm

      William – it looks like you truly walk your talk – the planet needs more leaders such as yourself…looking forward to hearing more from you.

  2. October 1, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    I must admit that my day are more on work. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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